What is godspeed?

It's not a phrase we hear much these days. Go with godspeed. The dictionary definition is "an expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey."

We are all on a journey and we are all travelling at a certain speed. What speed are you going at? For many of us, it is too fast. We long for a different pace, one that allows us to stop, be present, take in our surroundings.

I like to think of it in terms of driving my car. I have a cruise control that can limit my speed when I start travelling too fast. If I am on a long journey it makes sense to have places to stop, to refresh, perhaps enjoy the scenery. I am soon moving to Holy Island which is a tidal island with a causeway across the water. The causeway is not long but it has parking places to stop and enjoy the view. Recently my wife and I went out onto the causeway on a cold dark night. It was a full moon and the light was incredible. We parked the car, took out a flask of hot tea and just stood there, present to the experience.

I believe there is a revelation coming in terms of pace of life. The prophets among us can see it coming, change is in the air. We no longer believe that busier is better, that activity without reflection is a good thing. Perhaps we can learn to become contemplative activists?

This new web site and blog is one beginning of that process. How do we live a Way of Life that has the kind of rhythms that are healthy and holistic? How do we stop more, be present more, and yet live in community and invest in others. These are good questions with no quick fix or canned answers. In the Community of Aidan and Hilda one of the way marks is called Life Long Learning. This paradigm shift to a different way will take a lifetime, so let's get started.

Faith and I will be on Holy Island from February 2021 and are thinking carefully about how we walk alongside others to help navigate this journey. If you have suggestions, ideas, comments please get in touch. Godspeed.

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